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Growing Regions

Where it's produced

ginger field

Australian Ginger is grown solely in Queensland. With the majority of production occurring in the Sunshine Coast, the Wide Bay-Burnett and Far North Queensland regions...



Varieties we carry

varieties of ginger

There are 2 varieties of Ginger grown in Australia, Canton & Queensland. Canton is our most highly sought after variety, but we still see a high demand for quality Queensland Ginger...



Brands we carry

Sun God Jumbo Ginger

Our premium quality Jumbo Ginger is packed under the Sun God and Ginger King brands, but the majority of our production is packed under the Australian Ginger brand...

Wholesale Australian Ginger

Welcome to Australian Ginger, we offer high quality Queensland and Canton ginger at competitive wholesale prices. The quality of our ginger is perfect for gingerbreads, cookies, crackers, and cakes, as well as ginger ale and beer. Ginger is a natural preservative; it is a high-demand ingredient that helps preserve the natural flavour of different types of food.

Ginger is also used as flavouring for different dishes, particularly Asian cuisines. They're famous ingredients in Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other Asian food.

We carry some of the leading brands of ginger in Australia, including Australian Ginger, Sun God, and Ginger King. These brands offer the best quality ginger grown in the country. Queensland Ginger is used for different types of dessert, while Canton Ginger has a stronger flavour and is the more popular variety in Asian and South Asian cuisines that use seafood or goat meat.

Our ginger products are grown in some of the finest regions in Australia, such as the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay-Burnett, and Far North Queensland. With the perfect amount of sun and fertile soil in these Australian regions, our plants grow healthy and produce high quality, nutritious ginger.

Australian Ginger understands that quality is your top priority when providing your customers with in demand food products, such as ginger. As a wholesaler, we make sure you'll get the best quality for your market. Our gingers have the best flavour, aroma, and quality your buyers will love.

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