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Australian Ginger

Australian Ginger

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Australia Ginger

Australian Ginger

If you are interested in learning about Australian Ginger you should know that there are actually two different kinds of it. One is Queensland Ginger, which is a very popular form of ginger and has a variety of uses.

Queensland Ginger is stored in brine for preservation, which is a metabisuphite solution that keeps the ginger from developing rhizome. It also prevents bacterial growth on the ginger. In fact, Queensland Ginger can stay in its brine for an entire year before it is processed and used. What are its uses? It has a variety. It is most commonly used in juicing, powdered ginger, and for flavoring foods like cakes, cookies, and of course, gingerbread.

The other form of Australian Ginger is Canton Ginger. Canton Ginger is an Asian variety, and because of this is used in a lot of different Asian foods. If you are familiar with a lot of Asian cuisine it is very likely that you have enjoyed Canton Ginger on many different occasions. It is used in Japanese, Korean, and a lot of other Oriental cultures and can be found being used in foods all over the world.

One of the reasons that ginger is such a common spice used in cooking foods is because it works as a natural preservative. Ginger is a great way to make sure that foods stay good longer without damaging the taste like so many other preservatives do. It makes ginger one of the most risk free forms of food preservation available.

Growing Regions

Where its produced

Australian Ginger is grown solely in Queensland. With the majority of production occurring in the Sunshine Coast, the Wide Bay-Burnett and Far North Queensland regions...


Brands we carry

Our premium quality Jumbo Ginger is packed under the Sun God and Ginger King brands, but the majority of our production is packed under the Australian Ginger brand...