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Ginger Australian

Ginger Australian

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Ginger Australia

Ginger Australia

If you are interested in ginger Australia, you should know that there are actually two completely different types of ginger that are grown in Australia. One of them is called Queensland Ginger and is very popular in dessert foods, and the other is Canton ginger, which is more savory and frequently used in Asian and South Asian cuisine. It is pretty likely that at some point in time you have enjoyed both of these forms of ginger, whether you knew it or not.

Queensland Ginger is harvested and processed by being freighted to where it will usually be washed, though sometimes Queensland Ginger is unwashed depending on the preference and processing style of the grower in question. It is then stored in brine. Brine is kept with the ginger to help store and preserve the ginger. This is where it will stay before it is used in whatever its post harvest process is, anything from juicing, to cookies, crackers, cakes, or even gingerbread.

Canton Ginger, on the other hand, is a tropical Asian ginger that is frequently used in Asian cuisine. It is also commonly used in Indian foods, as well as Japanese, Korean and other Asian foods. If you eat a lot of Asian food it is quite likely that you have had Canton Ginger at least a few times.

One of the reasons that ginger is such a common food item is that it works as a natural preservative of other foods. Once it is finished being processed, ginger can be added to foods to help them preserve their natural flavor.

Growing Regions

Where its produced

Australian Ginger is grown solely in Queensland. With the majority of production occurring in the Sunshine Coast, the Wide Bay-Burnett and Far North Queensland regions...


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Our premium quality Jumbo Ginger is packed under the Sun God and Ginger King brands, but the majority of our production is packed under the Australian Ginger brand...